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Hi Guys

:damphyr: Links Out

:damphyr: About Me

Hi there * 7*

Please call me Hyde or Haido. I graduated in '12 and I'm currently working full time as a print and media designer. Primarily, I post commissions and do fan art of my favorite series. Also IdrawmyselfalotLOL

Interests: anime, music, utaite, odorite, and design.
Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Intuos 3, Asus laptop

Commission Details

:damphyr: Prices
(Prices are in USD)
Please ask me about other styles or the cost of adding backgrounds.

Bust - $15
Half Body - $20
Full Body - $30

:damphyr: Ordering & Rules

o1. Note me the info about your character.
o2. I accept or decline your commission.
o3. Make your payment - PayPal ONLY (please provide e-mail!)
o4. I will send you a WIP sketch and ask for confirmation.
o5. I finish, upload, and send you the artwork! :D

Stop and read before you order. :police:

:pointr: NO REFUNDS.

:pointr: Do NOT ask for a commission unless you're able to fully carry out payment.

:pointr: I do not do strange or ugly characters/cluttered characters/mecha/furries/nudity.

:pointr: For OCs, please have a clear full body reference ready (preferably, with color). I don't want to read a block of text describing your character.

:pointr: For couple or group art, the above prices are prices per character.

:pointr: You may pick between my cell shade or my painty style*. If you don't choose, it'll be cell shade by default.
*Note that the samples in my gallery vary in quality/detail based on its purchase price. Please ask if you're concerned with a specific style.

:pointr: Artwork is for personal (non-commercial) use only.

:pointr: You are free to edit the image/have it edited by another party, but please notify me if possible. Cropping and resizing are fine.


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:icondokis-plz: Ara, ara. Hello dere senpai--
Amg hi * 7* Do I know you already?!
I'm one of your stalkers, don't mind me. :iconleeblushplz:
; A; but your art is bootiful <3
Thank you for stalking me * 7* Huehue
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Mainecare 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Profile lookin good senpai <333 
 ahahaha it looks like I gave you a 24 month pm tho :'D ./slapped
and omg 24 months-- 
wow much money you-- 
LOLL YEAH IT DOES OH WELL your username will just be there forever

Mainecare 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hnggg I doubt so its probably gonna be there for a few more days or weeks :'D 

LOL YEAH but more points :iconpapmingplz:
idk i have no idea how it works LOL

Q_Q doesn't have any points hhaaa
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Rahze8 4 days ago  Student General Artist
kicks you
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